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Swimming Pool News 2017 - 2018

Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2017 (1)   Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2018 (1)   Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2018 (2)

At the beginning of October 2017, we completed a £260K refurbishment of the swimming pool roof and sides along with the addition of a new air exchange system. With a cladded roof and wall panels along with new windows, the swimming pool really is a major attraction both for guests using the conference facilities and swimming clubs and members of the public who use the pool throughout the week.

A real addition is a new heating system which takes the warm damp air out of the pool and returns warm dry air making the environment much more pleasant for those sitting on the poolside with the complete elimination of condensation.

The pool dimensions are 20 metres by 9 metres gently falling from a depth of 0.75 metres to 1.83 metres. The size and depth of the pool means that a qualified lifeguard must always be on the poolside when it is in use.

We try and maintain the water temperature at a very pleasant 29°-30°C which is warmer than most leisure centres and should ensure that you are quite comfortable during your swim.

Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2018 (3)   Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2018 (4)   Swimming Pool - Refurbished 2017 (4)